Ability Benefit
Improve your sleep Sleep is a primary requisite for perfect living. It is possibly more vital than vitamins, antibodies, some medicines and good posture.  Sleep will prolong your life.
Smoking Cessation Learn to be a non-smoker. Restore your ability to choose your life with freedom and ease.
Weight Management Restore yourself to a wonderful state of health, vitality, and wellness. You get to say!
Healing Hypnosis assists healthcare practitioners by enabling patients to have access to their natural healing abilities
Relaxation Hypnosis allows relaxation to occur and tension and stress to disappear quietly
Anger and Stress Management Hypnosis allows you to effortlessly live in the absence of anger and stress
Reduce your fears Develop a freedom of action, in spite of a fear
Overcome Phobias Free yourself of debilitating responses to every day situations
Improved memory Restore access to your full memory and remove the blocks that occur through tension, stress, overwhelm and co-dependencies
Improved decision making Be recognized for the clear decisions that you are making; have freedom and ease around making powerful decisions
Power Nap With a half hour nap, restore your optimal physical, mental, emotional powers without waiting for a nights rest.
Regression Create a movie staring yourself that is both fun and enables you to become more productive
Be creative Recreate the child within you in play and work
Birthing without pain Delivering your child without pain allows you to be more present for the love of your child, the people in the operating room and to heal faster
Interpret Your Dreams Learn something that you can actually use to make a difference in your life
Improved Relationships You can have it all in any relationship; it does not have to be work
Pain Control Learn that pain is information and you do control information.  The AMA has announced that ¾ of all perceived pain is in a person?s expectation and not physically experienced.
Increasing your self-worth Realize your desires in the world
Increasing your income Remove the blocks to your natural access to receiving the worth of your hire
Increasing your productivity Enjoy what you do and make a difference for people
Faster recovery for surgery Restore the natural healing process that your ancient ancestors enjoyed
Improve your immune system Restore yourself to the full potential of being created a human being.
Remain calm during dentist visits Participate in everyday actions without panic, fear or terror
Improve your speech Realize your dreams through effective speaking
Express your emotions freely and timely Respond effectively to others in a manner that fits the occasion