I wouldn’t be married if I hadn’t taken the Natural Law courses and hypnosis sessions. From the first Natural Law class, my view of the world transformed. My sense of things enlarged and life was different.

Annie M.

My life is forever changed!

Susan A.

Taking the Natural Law Class has completely changed the way I think of health. I was waiting for my health to get better and was therefore, not living life. This awareness has had a dramatic influence on how I view the respitory illness I have had most of my life. I now see that the illness is not who I am. This awareness is a gift.

Virginia W.

I have personally manifested the Naturopath practice of my intentions out of the Natural Law class. I am actually quadrupling my income for 6 months consistently after starting this class. I encourage you to take this class and get the abundance the universe has to offer.

Chris K, ND, LMP

About 2 years ago I had cataract laser surgery and implants. At the time, I was told that in some people the cataracts might return ( about 30-40% of the patients). The following year, the cloudiness in the right eye returned. A simple procedure in the doctor’s office is performed with the laser again. I was told by the optometrist and the surgeon that the left eye looked as if it might need to be done sometime in the future.

Soon after learning more about Natural Law and talking with Dennis, I began to ask for younger, stronger cells for my body, but not really for any specific part of the body. In August of this year (2005), I returned to the eye doctor for the yearly checkup. He was amazed at the fact that the cataract has seemed to disappear, and that my eyesight in the left eye has improved. He couldn’t explain that, but was pleased with the fact that nothing was wrong. I, of course, knew right away what was going on there, and felt very good about that.

Geri W.

I can say with such delight that after Dennis cleared my living space it became a home, not just a place to sleep and work. I had never felt fully comfortable in this apartment. Now, it feels so inviting and has a palpable feeling of peace, joy, and harmony. He generously pointed out which things used as decorations were powerful, but might be better in another location, and what negative things should be removed. He had so many clear and exciting suggestions about little changes that had a big impact on how it feels here. His clearing included the outside and even the influence of the buildings next door. He was thorough, clear and precise in all that he did. I can’t say enough about his abilities to do this unique and very necessary work! I highly recommend Dennis as an extraordinary gifted healer of one’s home.

Judy S.

I think it helps to look at myself with your influence or perception lending a hand. When I opened your email, I felt such a blessing of energy from it. It amazes me how you can be in such joyous detachment and still accomplish things in the practical world.

Mike S.

I just want to let you know that my dentist appointment went well. I had some anxiety about going, I had a session with you the night before and as I approached my appointment I felt at ease as I remembered the model you and I set up. Getting into the chair was one of my anxieties and I forgot my anxiety as I recalled my model.

Thank you very much. Arlysa

I feel I will learn or re-learn how to drop everything, make a commitment to this and keep the focus of my attention there so as to build a momentum of successful habits that will surely aid me in re gaining control of my life. I want to thank you for your recent sessions with me designed to alleviate my sleep apnea. My case is moderate, and I have little problem when I sleep on my side. In two sessions, my wife reports that there is little snoring or apnea present in my sleeping pattern. It is a great improvement over the past.

Thank you. – Robert D.

I wanted to let you know that I found your observation about how flexible we all can really be quite helpful. Your personal example was that you’d always thought of yourself as a “sleep late” type, but you’d found that you could be any way you wanted, and that this label was simply limiting. Recently, I started school and now have to get up at 6AM five days a week.

For the past year and a half, I’d been able to go to bed and get up whenever I wanted and had been keeping pretty late hours at both ends; I’ve always been known to myself and those close to me as a “sleep-in” type too. I was quite nervous about the start of school and how I would accommodate my new schedule.

Well, I just did it. It’s been surprisingly easy. I now go to bed earlier, and get up every morning, reliably, at 6AM. I’m having a great time and feeling motivated. I appreciate your insights and challenges to ways I’m used to thinking.

Thanks, Karen W.

I am writing you to thank you so much for the time both my wife and I got to spend with you this past week. You have really “opened my eyes” to my own personal path and how I have been getting in my own way for some time now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Just last night I applied your teachings and helped close friends of ours refuel their marriage and rediscover each other. I sat and spoke…truth flowed out from me, all their differences, their running and hiding from each other…the redirections and deceptions fell away. I did not ask for any confirmation from them, they knew and I knew what I said was naked truth…they understood. It was a wonderful experience for all involved. They are finding one another again, and I feel incredible inside. So I thank you once again, Denny. The spark I asked for is on, like a blow torch flame.

Larry M.

Prior to working with Denny Dwyer, I was afraid that while under hypnosis I would be put “out” and not be aware of or in control of what I was doing during the therapy session. What I experienced is that I was totally aware of everything that was said during the session and was always treated with care and respect. I freely chose to take his coaching and suggestions during the sessions and to use the coaching in my daily life. The results I received from my hypnotherapy sessions were numerous.

One was a shift away from having difficulty getting enough rest at night due to my snoring. I now have a more restful and productive sleep at night. I still snore, but now I wake in the morning much more rested and ready to cheerfully approach the day.

Another result was a change in my relationship with my ealth. Denny helped me to better understand that my food cravings were not hunger at all, but an urge to fill myself with something that was incomplete from my past. With Denny’s help, I was able to see what was causing my “hunger”, to understand what I was missing or felt I was not getting in my current life and then he helped me to shift those feelings away from unhealthy food choices. He helped me turn my new understanding of my need for “nourishment” toward a craving for exercise and proper nutrition. Sugar became unattractive to me, while healthy food choices, water and breathing clean air satisfied my need for nutrition.

The last and most powerful result that I was able to achieve through my work with Denny is that I was, for the first time in my conscious memory, able to move past a deep sense of self-loathing and to realize that I am a beautiful and powerful person – able to be the courageous, proud, productive woman that I was afraid of being prior to this work. I now know that I deserve to have a wonderful life and that I am capable of creating that for myself. I would recommend Dennis Dwyer without reservation. He is knowledgeable, generous with his time and trustworthy. He uses his skills and experience to empower his clients to powerfully chose to overcome whatever condition they want to rid themselves of.

Mary S.