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Denny Dwyer RC is a clinical Hypnotherapist with advanced certification, a state-registered counselor, an internationally known healer and spiritual advisor, founder and teacher of Natural Law™ Manifestation and Healing, a published author, a Ninth Degree Black Belt Grand Master in Martial Arts, co-founder of Way of the Sphere Martial Arts System, and an inductee in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.Denny facilitates the distinction of “being a human being, not a human doing™”; that as a human being we are more than a body and a brain, that there is a life within the life of doing. With almost four decades of experience with thousands of people, Denny has created the Natural Law Life Center™ to offer specialized Natural Law life mastery services and classes as well as hypnotherapy and healing services and classes to enable people to make their reality whatever they say and live the natural way of their full human potential.

In Natural Law we are naturally connected and in communication with ourselves and others. We do not need validation and justification. Therefore, we are free of need. Desire then guides us in the doing of life. Now free of having to do and not having to do, we are free to have life regardless of the doing. We are not created by the results of our doing. We are now free to have a complete and whole relationship with ourselves and subsequently with anyone and anything we choose.

Make your reality what you say and live the natural way of your full human potential!

If you want to get off the Merry-Go-Round, our mission is to show you a way to restoring yourself to the full potential of what it means to be a human being!

For more information, call Denny Dwyer at 206-235-2114 or email us at info@naturallawlifecenter.com.